Exploring the Heritage of India

Exploring the Heritage of India

India is crowded, frenzy with unmanaged traffic, bustling cities and an ocean of people. Yet the country features on the list of top most visited tourist destination in the world. In the north, it welcomes the tourists with the soaring snow-capped Himalayas, with its mighty rivers, expansive plains and peninsular land boasting long and stretching coastal areas in the south.

Prominent for its ancient heritage, India is one of the oldest thriving civilization in the world. Get on an amazing holiday trip and uncover the rich and exquisite heritage of India. Ruled by several great dynasties, resulting in the huge treasures of ancient and priced heritage. Mighty forts, royal palaces and early human caves, get on a thrilling ride. Don’t blame yourself with the amount of treasure trove it is hard to explore the whole of in just one trip. Tourists can avail the various packages offered by online travel companies such as Maharashtra holiday package.

Evert state of India features their own distinctive heritage. States like Rajasthan is famed for Rajputana warriors, their courage and chivalry. Gujarat celebrates its own ancient temples and is also the site for Mohenjo-Daro, one of the early human civilization. Holiday tour to Madhya Pradesh is certainly a mind changer. Popularly known as the heart of India, is filled with abundant of heritage sites dotting the entire state. Erotic stone carvings on the Khajuraho temples, Buddhist Stupa at Sanchi or the holy place of Ujjain is a mad ride. Availing the Odisha holiday packages, travellers will encounter the tribal known to be one of the earliest human settlements on the earth. Also explore the majestic Sun Temple at Somnath, early human caves and rock painting and carvings. Visit the famous Jagganath Temple in Puri and adore the sand artwork in the Puri beaches.

Not just limit yourself to the monuments and historic places. When talking about the heritage tour, travellers should also explore the array of cuisines. The food has their own interesting story to share. The Mughlai food has its own interesting story to divulge. These foods also tell about the ancient and medieval history of India. The golden triangle holiday package which majorly covers the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. In this tour, one will see how the food changes in every mile showing the divergent cultural heritage. India is huge and a traveller should always be ready to expect the unexpected. Love it or hate it, India will keep inspiring many great minds with the priceless ancient heritage.

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