How To Cut Costs While Vacationing In New York

How To Cut Costs While Vacationing In New York

It’s no secret that New York is an expensive place to live. It can also be an expensive place to vacation in as well. The main reason behind this is that most vacationers don’t know how and where to cut expenses. Here are five tips designed to make your next trip to New York budget friendly.

• Avoid cabs. Cab fare will quickly eat away at your vacation budget. While easier to use than a rental car, using cabs can be terribly expensive. Because New York is one of the most populous cities in America, they have one of the most robust public transportation systems available. Save yourself a ton of money and learn how to navigate the subway system.

• Eat well for less. It’s no secret that New York has some of the best cuisine in the world. But if you choose to throw caution to the wind and eat out without a plan, you could wind up spending your entire vacation budget on food. Instead of randomly choosing your next dining adventure, plan your meals by consulting websites like Time Out and City Search. These sites publish lists of the best dining bargains in the city. Also, treat yourself to a street vendor meal at least once. These are a New York novelty and are often a very inexpensive way to get a great meal. Eat great while ensuring you save enough money to get back home.

• Search for bargain attractions. New York has a lot to offer, but what most people don’t know is that New York has a lot to offer that is either completely free or low cost. For example, almost all of New York’s museums are free to get into at some point during the week. There are often free movie screenings and many churches offer free concerts. Also, find organizations that offer free guided walking tours of the city. These are a great way to really experience New York and discover the history behind one of the greatest cities in the world. Plan your visits around these times to save money on entrance and participation fees.

• Consider finding lodging outside the city. You can often find decent deals on hotels in New York City, but if you choose to stay a few minutes away in another county, such as Westchester County, you can usually find better hotel accommodations for less than the budget hotel rooms in the city. Not only can you save a significant amount of money this way, but you may also discover great attractions off the beaten path to add to your itinerary.
A New York vacation doesn’t have to break the bank and you don’t have to shortchange your experience if you know where to save a few dollars. By planning your itinerary around free or low cost attraction schedules, using public transportation and trying new things like eating a meal out of a food truck, not only can you save money, but you truly get a full New York experience.

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