Ten Ways to Save Money during your Road Trip

Ten Ways to Save Money during your Road Trip

Road trip is where you travel by car, driving from one destination to another. Usually college students prefer to go on road trips together by driving their own car or by renting a car from a travel agency. Before undertaking a road trip it is important that you plan carefully to ensure that you don’t overspend. The destination selected must be at a reasonable distance so that you don’t tire yourself down. There are some tips that you can observe and apply so that you can cut down on your expenses whilst traveling on the road.

Since you will be driving you would have to spend on fuel, which can be costly due to the increase in fuel price. You can lower your fuel expenses by practicing useful tips such as maintaining a same level of pressure in both your car tires by constantly checking the amount of air in the tires. It is better to drive with open windows and avoid using the air-conditioner when you drive, as it will lessen your fuel consumption. Always maintain a moderate driving speed and do not accelerate at a higher speed, as it will take up large quantity of your fuel. You can use your credit card to fill up for fuel, as there could be some special discount available so you can cash out on your rebates.

It is wise to bring your own food as restaurants and fast food is not only unhealthy but is costly at the same time. You can bring snacks, canned food; make sandwiches and so forth to cut done your expenses. Bringing along food reduces the times that you would need to stop to purchase refreshments thus making your trip shorter allowing you to save more. If you get bored with your home cooked food you can eat out but try to get the advice of locals to find delicious yet reasonable priced food.

When you go on a road trip, you can invite your close friends to join you and the expenses can be split among yourselves. Therefore you don’t have to bear the costs alone but by sharing the cost you would be able to lower your costs as much as 50%. So you can travel at a cheaper rate and not feel bored at the same time plus you would have a sense of security with your friends around.

In the event you don’t have a car of your own, your next course of action would be to rent a car through the travel agency. Most of the time you will be persuaded by the agent to take up insurance to protect the car, which will cause your budget to increase. So pay for the rental of the car with your credit cards, as you will be insured automatically.

Traveling during off-season is an excellent way to save money on a road trip as fuel price would be lower and there would be lesser traffic on the road. The decline on the number of tourist will leave vendors desperate for clients thus you would be able to obtain hotel rooms at a lower rate.

You can adapt your car according to your lifestyle by adding curtains for your car and using it as your lodging from time to time. Occasionally you can spend the night in your car if you can’t find suitable lodging. Since you are traveling by the road, it is an excellent location for motels and hostels which are much more cheaper than hotels. If you love the outdoors you can also camp out for a night or two.

Check on the price of gas, lodging and parking fees beforehand on the Internet to ensure that you do not overspend and stretch your budget. It is better to do your research on your destination to avoid sudden shock on high prices and to find that you so not have sufficient cash with you.

Look for places that offer free parking by interacting with the locals. Purchase tickets daily or on a weekly basis so that you will be given discounts on the price. Find out about museums that do not charge admission fees and as for national parks, it is advisable that you get an annual pass so you can visit anytime during the year.

Send your car for service and repair before going on a road trip to ensure the vehicle can withstand the pressure to travel the distance. This will allow you to know on the performance of your vehicle thus avoiding breakdowns and repair during the trip that can be expensive if end up towing the car all the way home.

Each time you enter a city or town, make sure to stop at the tourist center to take brochures on the local activities and places in the area. You would also be given discount coupons that you can use on lodging, food and parking.

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